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Nha đam ngâm rượu có tác dụng gì? Hướng dẫn sử dụng

One of the methods beautify It is known by many sisters as aloe vera wine. Aloe vera soaked in wine What are the benefits for health and skin? How to use it? This article will guide you in the most complete way!

Skin with many defects is a big concern of many women. There are many cosmetic methods to overcome this problem, but most people choose the natural way to ensure the safety of their skin. In the list of skin beauty treatments can not lack aloe vera wine. What is the effect of soaked aloe vera? that is so popular with women, especially Japanese women? How to use aloe vera soaked with alcohol how? This article will bring you all the information about soaked aloe vera and user manual.

1. Answer: What is the effect of soaked aloe vera?

soaked aloe vera

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What is the effect of aloe vera wine?

It can be said that aloe vera is a very popular plant that is sold everywhere, from markets to supermarkets. The effect of aloe vera It is widely used and favored for its beauty, nutritious cooking ingredients and healing powers. In recent years, women have also passed on the secret of making soaked aloe vera for beauty and good health. so in fact What is the effect of soaked aloe vera?? They promote outstanding use in 2 aspects: beauty and healing.

1.1. Aloe vera soaked in wine has the effect of beautifying the skin

Nutritional ingredients with high content in soaked aloe vera Very beneficial for beauty include:

1.2. Aloe vera soaked in wine is good for health

soaked aloe vera

Aloe vera wine helps treat pain and fatigue effectively

2. How to soak aloe vera with alcohol

Depending on the purpose of use, the way to soak aloe vera wine will not be the same. One advice is that you should not arbitrarily soak aloe vera wine to drink for treatment without the guidance of a doctor or oriental medicine doctor.

2.1. How to soak aloe vera wine to help cure disease

soaked aloe vera

How to soak aloe vera wine?

Here is how to soak aloe vera with healing alcohol as follows:

You should drink this mixture after breakfast, lunch, and dinner, once each meal and each time with a dose of 30 to 50cc of alcohol.

2.2. How to make aloe vera soaked in alcohol for skin care

To soak aloe vera with alcohol for the purpose of skin beauty, choose small aloe vera leaves. If you buy aloe vera leaves in a large size at the supermarket, remove the flesh of the aloe vera. When you start preliminary processing, you should wash the aloe vera to dry it, cut off the thorns around the leaves and then cut it into chunks about the size of your knuckles, then put it all into a glass bottle, note that you should not use the bottle. plastic. Next, cut 2 slices of fresh lemon and add it with aloe vera to provide vitamin C. To soak aloe vera wine, choose to buy rice wine with a concentration of 30 degrees. Remember to choose a quality wine and pour in the wine to cover the aloe vera.

You bring the aloe vera wine bottle out to dry in the sun for 2 months and then bring it home and store it in a cool place. Every time you use it for skin care, you just need to pour a little into a spray bottle and add a few drops of essential oil to it for fragrance, if possible, add a little glycerin to make the skin soft and smooth. it doesn’t affect anything either.

Each time you use it, spray the mixture on your neck, face and even hands and feet about 3-4 times or more if you want a comprehensive skin care. You can use this spray instead of cream and after a period of use, your skin will be noticeably better. This lotion can be applied to all skin types, including sensitive skin prone to allergies.

3. How to use aloe vera soaked in alcohol to nourish the skin

3.1. Drink aloe vera wine to lose weight and nourish the skin from the inside

soaked aloe vera

Aloe vera wine will help nourish the skin and lose weight well

Every day, you should drink a little aloe vera wine so that the nutrients of this mixture will add to your body to help you stay healthy, lose weight and nourish your skin from the inside. You can dilute aloe vera wine with water and drink about 1 to 2 small glasses. In case you want to use aloe vera wine to lose weight, you should drink it 20 minutes before a meal to create a feeling of fullness, from which the amount of food you consume during the meal will decrease, thereby reducing weight.

3.2. Use aloe vera wine to massage the skin

Facial massage is a very simple beauty method, easy to perform and gives high results, helping skin cells to expand, blood circulation better and supporting the skin to absorb nutrients best. How to do it: Every time you wash your face, apply aloe vera wine evenly on your face and gently massage for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse with water. Right after the first application, you will feel the remarkable change of your skin, not only smooth but also firmer.

You can also shrink your waistline with aloe vera wine by using this mixture to massage your abdomen for 15 minutes a day to burn excess fat slowly for effective weight loss.

3.3. Use aloe vera to mask

You can use aloe vera wine to apply as a skin mask to help your skin be taken care of faster and more effectively. You just need to apply aloe vera juice on your face for about 20 minutes and then wash it off with warm water. Use this method every 2 days to quickly have beautiful skin!

4. Notes to know when using aloe vera soaked in alcohol

soaked aloe vera

Aloe vera is easy to irritate, so you need to be careful when using it

After knowing What is the effect of soaked aloe vera? for health and skin care but you should not overdo it. Here are some contraindications to drinking aloe vera that you should pay attention to:

Because the mixture of aloe vera soaked with alcohol can cause allergic reactions, you need to soak the aloe vera in dilute salt water before soaking it in alcohol. While bringing the wine soaked with aloe vera, you need to close the lid so that the aloe wine does not evaporate. If you want to use it quickly, you can shorten the exposure time to 10 days instead of having to dry it for 2 months.

If you use Aloe vera soaked in alcohol for face For beauty and skin care, please cover your face carefully and protect your skin from the sun. The reason is that this mixture has alcohol ingredients that can make the skin more susceptible to sunburn, leading to ineffective beauty. In addition, aloe vera is also an allergenic material, so if you see strange phenomena during use such as acne, skin discomfort, itching, you should stop immediately. If this condition is worse, there are no signs of improvement after you have stopped using it, please immediately go to a dermatology hospital for examination.

Umbrella soaked aloe vera is a popular beauty formula that is widely spread by beauty and health believers, but you should also carefully learn the correct recipe and its effects as well as the dosage to use for this method to be maximized. its multi-use. Please consult your doctor to have the most appropriate use, to ensure safety for skin health.

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Frequently asked questions

For those who know how to drink alcohol, it will not be too difficult to drink, but if you are not used to it, you can add a little honey, boiled sugar water, cooled fruit juice, etc. to aloe vera wine to drink better. .

It is best to use 35 degrees white wine to soak aloe vera wine because it is colorless, odorless, tasteless and will not affect the taste of medicinal herbs.

If you soak aloe vera while it is still wet or if it is not completely submerged in alcohol, it will cause the aloe vera to float to the surface, scum and moldy. To handle, you should remove the scum, take a heavy object to press down the aloe vera to flood the wine. After finishing, if the wine is not scum, it is okay, but if it continues to float, it means that the bottle of wine is damaged and must be thrown away.

Regardless of the recipe for soaking aloe vera wine, you also need to remove the thorn edge. However, it is necessary to soak the peel because if only the intestines are taken, the effect will be reduced.

Aloe vera is not a medicine, so it is not a substitute for medicine. If you don’t drink more than 400cc per day, anyone can drink. However, the component of aloe vera oil will stimulate the intestinal mucosal membrane to promote excretion, so anyone who has frequent bowel movements should drink less.

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