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Review máy pha cà phê (Cafe) Tiross có tốt không?

After stressful and tiring working hours, I always choose a cup of coffee for myself as stress relief after a long day. There are nights when I have to stay up until 2-3 am to complete the report tomorrow morning to submit to my boss, so what motivates me to stay up until that hour without being depressed? That’s thanks to the Cafe.

But one thing, I really like drinking pure coffee at the shop, but I don’t like the ready-made filter coffee packages, but with the 2-3 am time frame, there are no shops open to ship. I am also a person who likes to drink hot coffee, but when I ship it, it will cool down, which affects the taste of the coffee a bit.

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That’s why I decided to use the Tiross coffee machine to satisfy my intense passion for Coffee, and sometimes entertain friends or Boss with cups of coffee that I brew myself. hot together at home.

After 3 months of using the Tiross coffee machine, I realized why I didn’t buy it early, why didn’t I know about it sooner? So today, I boldly share my personal feelings after using this machine to everyone, especially brothers and sisters who are followers of coffee so that no one will be regretted like me. dental.

Tiross coffee machine of which country?

tiross coffee machine - photo 1

Tiross is a famous Polish household appliance brand manufactured by TIROSS Co., Ltd. With the mission to bring convenience and meet the needs of consumers, Tiross is constantly improving and launching many smart products.

Famous products of Tiross can be mentioned as heaters, irons, vacuum cleaners, kettles, rice cookers, juicers, etc.

In 2008, Tiross’ product lines officially appeared on Vietnam’s home appliance market. Coming to the Vietnamese market, Tiross is confident to bring high quality products that are safe for consumers’ health. Therefore, if you want to buy Tiross products in general and coffee machines in particular, you can rest assured about the quality.

General evaluation of Tiross coffee machines


  • Beautiful, compact design, durable outer shell quality: The outer shell of the machine is made of ABS plastic with high heat resistance, ensuring health safety during use, avoiding burns. In addition, the outside of the machine is also equipped with a shiny layer to help the machine become brighter and more luxurious.
  • Modern machine structure: Owning a 304 stainless steel filter screen that is easy to clean, does not rust and can be used many times, so it is more economical than other paper filters. There is also a catch tray below the steam generator to make the kitchen more hygienic when the coffee is accidentally splashed out, saving cleaning time.
  • Large capacity: With a capacity of up to 1000W, the waiting time for making coffee is reduced to only 3-5 minutes, but the quality of coffee is extremely delicious, helping drinkers not have to wait long to enjoy a cup of coffee. so hot.
  • The coffee cup is made of transparent and insulated glass, has an average size on the side of the cup to help identify the amount of coffee in the cup to estimate the number of people drinking.
  • Quiet operation
  • Equipped with 30s anti-drip technology to prevent coffee from falling to the floor
  • Convenient to use: Just put the right amount of coffee and water on the body, then press the button and wait for 3-5 minutes to have a delicious finished product right away.


I personally see that the device has quite a few limitations that can be mentioned as:

  • The glass coffee pot has a rather small capacity, only suitable for 2-4 people to drink. The rest, if there are a lot of people, you have to make it next time
  • The adjustment knob is not divided into steps but only the first and last steps. If you want to use other ladders, you have to adjust them yourself
  • The measuring spoon comes with the machine without a place to put it directly on the machine, so it is easy to lose it
  • Suitable for personal use or families with 1-4 people, quite inconvenient for crowded places because when making coffee in several batches, the machine is prone to heat.

Top 3 Coffee Tiross machines worth buying the most

1/ Espresso machine Tiross TS6211

Coffee machine Tiross TS6211
Coffee machine Tiross TS6211

TS6211 coffee machine is designed with 2 separate coffee flows, allowing to brew 2 cups of coffee at the same time. The system of 1 nozzle whisks the milk foam and makes the coffee taste more quality and makes the coffee foam easier, so that users can enjoy a variety of different coffee flavors such as Espresso, Cappuccino right at the coffee shop. home in just a few minutes.

In addition, the luxurious design with two main colors, black and silver, helps every place in the house that you can leave the device to become more modern. The compact size is fine to put anywhere, although it is compact, it has enough different dispensing functions.

Along with a capacity of 1100W and a water pressure of 15 bar, you can quickly have a finished cup of coffee that is more delicious than conventional coffee machines. Moreover, the machine also has excellent foaming ability to make the cup of coffee even more attractive.

Price: 2,350,000 VND

2/ Espresso Machine Tiross TS620

Tiross Espresso Machine TS620
Tiross Espresso Machine TS620

The machine is designed in a circular cylinder with a size of 21 x 15 x 30 cm, so it is extremely compact and convenient. In addition, the dominant black color creates the most luxurious and mysterious point for the product.

With a capacity of up to 800W and water pressure of 4 bar, it is easy to prepare 4 cups of coffee at the same time and does not take too much time to wait.

In addition, the machine also has a foaming mode to help prepare Capuchino coffee in a slightly Italian style with a very distinctive delicious taste. Besides the function of making espresso, regular coffee, the machine is integrated with a nozzle to create milk foam for standard cappuccino.

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You can also store your coffee directly into the included insulated glass or mug. Furthermore, the structure of Espresso machine Tiross TS620 It is also extremely convenient for users such as:

  • Use a stainless steel mesh filter: The stainless steel mesh filter is easy to clean and does not have to be replaced after each use like a regular paper filter.
  • Anti-drip system: The anti-drip system keeps the machine clean every time you take the coffee pot out while brewing.
  • Luxurious design: The machine has a modern design that harmoniously combines 2 colors of black and silver, bringing elegance to the family kitchen or corporate office.

Price: 1,190,000 VND

3/ Espresso Machine Tiross TS621

Espresso machine Tiross TS621
Espresso machine Tiross TS621

The Tiross TS621 Espresso machine is also very compact in size with only 19 x 15 x 26 (cm) so it can be moved anywhere you want, easy to carry with you when going on a picnic.

In addition, with a capacity of 800W, it can make 1 ~ 4 cups of coffee/1 time. This product is very suitable for small families or in the office, moreover with such a capacity, it can brew much faster than simple coffee machines. It only takes 3-4 minutes to have a great cup of coffee, very suitable for busy people who do not have too much time to make coffee. This will be even more convenient if used in the office or company.

The Tiross TS621 Espresso machine comes with many convenient accessories such as:

– Has a glass coffee container or can be placed directly into any container or directly into a cup.

Rotate the nozzle to froth milk for standard cappuccino.

– Coffee easy measurement section.

– There is a safety valve.

– Mode switch selection function.

– Anti-drip function.

– Power switch with indicator light.

Price: 1,190,000 VND

Is it difficult to use the Tiross Coffee machine?

Using a coffee machine is not difficult. However, to be able to make yourself a really delicious cup of Coffee, the correct way of brewing is very important. So I will share the steps to have a delicious cup of coffee to sip:

Step 1: Pour clean water into the tray of the body, on the body there are already divided volumetric lines, so you should pay attention not to exceed the volume of the machine and pay attention at this stage that there is no need to plug in the power source. The water tank of the Tiross mini machine can make a maximum of 4 cups and a minimum of 2 cups of coffee.

Step 2: Prepare an amount of pure coffee powder, then use a spoon to measure the correct amount (for 2 or 4 cups) into the coffee filter on the handle of the machine. The coffee put into the filter needs to be evenly spread and compacted with the machine’s specialized compression tool. Normally, one teaspoon can make 1 cup of espresso.

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Step 3: Insert the handle containing the coffee powder into the Tiross machine from left to right, then place the coffee container below then plug the power cord into the power, start and adjust the control knob to espresso mode and Wait for about 2 minutes, the coffee will flow out slowly into the pot.

Step 4: After the coffee has flowed exactly as you want, turn the control knob to the start line to stop the coffee flow. To remove the coffee filter from the machine or open the lid, you need to make sure the inside of the machine is empty of steam pressure. To let the steam pressure out, you just need to turn the steam control knob to the original position, the steam will then follow the foaming device out.

Should I buy a Tiross Coffee machine?

I recommend that you buy it, besides serving the needs and personal preferences of drinking coffee, the Tiross coffee machine really has a lot of plus points to help you have extremely delicious cups of coffee. shop all. The plus points can be easily seen when using the Tiross Cafe machine such as:

  • Has the ability to reduce the amount of residue after making coffee, making the taste of coffee much more delicious
  • Control the amount of water in the coffee making process easily
  • Has high foaming ability to increase the flavor of coffee
  • Compact, space-saving design with low cost

Because of the above characteristics, I recommend you to own one for your family. Instead of going to the shop to order a cup of 50-60 thousand, now you can sit at home and chill and have a cup of great quality coffee that is not inferior to the shop.

Where to buy genuine Tiross coffee machine?

I recommend those of you who want to buy a Tiross coffee machine, you should buy it on the official website of TIROSS listen.

The reason that I advise you to buy products at the official website is because buying at the genuine website is sure that the genuine product will be delivered to the buyer’s hand.

In addition, when you order a coffee machine at TIROSS will receive enthusiastic advice and support from the 24/7 call center, moreover, freeship nationwide. In addition, there is a 2-year warranty and a free 1-to-1 exchange within 10 days.

Because of these reasons, buying genuine products at the website is always my first choice when buying any household products for my family. Those of you who are in need of buying a Tiross coffee machine or want to learn more about the warranty and advice, please click here. Tiross’s website for more detailed information ha.

How to clean Tiross Coffee machine?

Cleaning the machine is a simple but extremely important thing to be able to keep the long life of the machine. So I will share how I clean the machine after use so that it is both clean and does not cause any problems for the machine in the next use.

First, to clean the machine, you should wait until the machine cools down, then remove the coffee filter clockwise and in turn remove the removable parts in the machine. To clean the machine, you should use specialized cleaners for the machine, mainly use items such as iron brushes to scrub because it is easy to cause peeling and unsightly.

In addition, you should not use strong, alcohol-rich detergents such as alcohol. It will affect the parts in the machine. After washing, dry the parts and then reinstall them to avoid shorting in the next use.

To ensure smooth and durable operation of the machine in the next time, you should regularly clean the machine, especially remove the coffee residue in the machine and clean the water tank. Make sure the machine is clean enough before use.


I hope that with the sharing of my own experiences about Tiross coffee machines, it will help you choose for yourself a coffee machine that suits your preferences, feng shui colors in the room. House of sisters and reasonable with each person’s economy.

I believe that with each product line of Tiross, it will bring you super quality cups of coffee, helping you to break the fatigue after stressful working days.

Finally, wish you all have productive and effective working hours with a cup of super smooth coffee by your side!


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