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[REVIEW] Máy rửa mặt Foreo Luna Mini 2 tốt không, mua đâu uy tín?

The Foreo face wash is still a cult name in the beauty industry. And in it Foreo Luna Mini 2 . facial cleanser chosen by many people. If you are wondering whether to buy them, where to buy genuine, then this article is for you.

In other articles, I have written a lot about the Foreo brand. So in this article, I just summarize a little bit about the brand so that those who do not know can have a better picture.

Foreo is a brand from Switzerland. Foreo specializes in providing beauty equipment such as face washes and acne treatment machines. Established in 2013, and constantly developing and growing. Their products are distributed in many countries, and occupy a certain place in the hearts of consumers.

I. Foreo Luna Mini 2 facial cleanser suitable for which skin?

Although smaller than the same model as Luna 2, the size of the Foreo Luna Mini 2 face wash is still marginally better than other mini face washes. Foreo Luna Mini 2 is both easy to use and can be used by all skin types. Skin with acne or skin with aging problems can use the Foreo Luna Mini 2 facial cleanser to clean the face.

If Foreo Luna 2 has many colors divided to suit different skin types. Then Foreo Luna Mini 2 also has many colors for you to choose from. However, choosing the color here is simply choosing the color you like.

With 3 silicone zones design:

  • Front area: for normal and sensitive skin.
  • Upper area: specially designed for hard-to-reach skin such as under the eyes or on the sides of the nose.
  • Back area: specially designed for T-zone and oily skin.
  • You can safely use it for all skin types.

II. Is the Foreo Luna Mini 2 face wash any good?

Product Foreo face wash has long been the standard of high-end facials. If we walk around in beauty groups, sharing about skin care, we will not be too surprised when Foreo’s products are always positively evaluated by users. Among them, the Foreo Luna Mini 2 face wash is a product line that has been reviewed and commented on by many people.

Is the Foreo Luna Mini 2 version of the face wash really good, is it worth the investment?. Let’s analyze in many aspects to have a multi-dimensional, and more comprehensive perspective.

2.1. About the machine’s specifications

  • The product has a button to use
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery
  • Time to fully charge the battery: 1 hour
  • The product is applied T-sonic technology
  • The brush head of the product is made of silicone
  • The product does not make noise when in use
  • In particular, the product has an anti-aging massage function and is warranted for 2 years.

2.2. About the style and color

This version of the mini 2 face wash comes in 5 colors: yellow, pink, navy, light purple, blue, and black. Therefore, you can freely choose the color according to your preferences.

How many colors does the Foreo Luna Mini 2 face wash have?

The product has a compact design, easy to hold in the palm of your hand. This makes it easy and convenient to use. In particular, with its compact size, it is also very convenient to carry on business trips or travel. This is also the point that I really like about the product. For a person who likes to move, and has a job that requires traveling to many places, it really helps me feel “relieved” every time I carry it away.

2.3. About materials and features

The body of the device is made of soft, lightweight silicone. The very soft silicone hemp fibers make it easy to clean your face after a long day without making it tight, dry or irritated.

These silicone fibers are arranged in 3 different areas to help clean in different areas of the skin. With the area arranged with small silicone fibers you use them to wash the entire face. As for the area with a larger silicone fiber design (on the top of the head of the device), use them to clean the difficult-to-clean areas of the nose, chin, and edges.

The area at the back of the body is also arranged with thinner, stiffer silicone fibers. This area should only be used to clean areas that need a deeper cleaning.

In particular, these silicone fibers have very good antibacterial ability, preventing the accumulation of dirt, as well as bacteria. Therefore, you just need to use and store it properly, so you don’t need to change the brush head like conventional face washes. This will also save you some money.

2.4. About applied technologies and useful features

If compared with other product lines on the market, the Foreo Luna Mini 2 facial cleanser is much more expensive. And it is also considered by many people to be “very painful for the wallet” but voluntarily hurts their wallet. Like me for example. It’s no coincidence that they’re so expensive. Because this face wash machine is integrated with many features along with superior technology.

Water resistance: The product is 100% waterproof. You can let the device come into contact with water, essential oils or facial cleansers. The most prominent thing is that the charging port of the device does not have a lid, but they can still come into contact with water without being damaged.

T-Sonic technology: T-Sonic technology is a proprietary technology of the Foreo brand. When applying this technology, the product will help you easily remove the dirt deep inside the pores.

T-Sonic vibration wave: The product is applied vibration technology with silicone hemp fibers so that it can remove excess oil, exfoliate and clean the skin effectively.

2.5. About the battery

The point that I am impressed with this washing machine is its battery. I only need to charge it for about 1 hour and it is full and I have used it for about 5 months and still haven’t run out of battery. It’s very convenient, isn’t it?

How to charge the Foreo Luna Mini 2 . facial cleanser

Bạn Đang Xem: [REVIEW] Máy rửa mặt Foreo Luna Mini 2 tốt không, mua đâu uy tín?

In addition, charging the Foreo Luna mini 2 facial cleanser is also very easy. Just like charging your phone, it’s really simple.

III. Should I buy a Foreo Mini 2 face wash?

In the above, we went to learn very well about the design, technology, and function of the product. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the product. Hope to help you get a better overview of them.


  • The product has a simple, compact design, very easy to use.
  • The soft silicone bristles easily remove dirt, excess oil, and even makeup.
  • Very good water resistance. This helps the machine to be durable and safe during use.
  • The battery has a large capacity, just need to charge it once, it can be used about 300 times.
  • Long warranty period: 2 years. The warranty period is long, this is also the reason why I feel very secure when I decide to buy them.


The price of the product is quite high compared to the income level of most Vietnamese people. However, the value they bring is really worth it.

In addition, up to the present time (2021) in Vietnam, the company still does not have a genuine distribution store. Therefore, the situation of counterfeit goods and counterfeit goods is very much. There were also a lot of people buying poor quality products.

Therefore, if you are in need of buying, you should order directly from the brand’s website. Just being able to own genuine products and be enthusiastically taken care of. What could be better, right?

IV. Real feeling when using Foreo Luna Mini 2 face wash machine

At first use, I feel the product is compact and easy to hold. When used to wash the face, it feels light on the face, open pores, and my skin is soft right after washing my face.

When I first used it, I only used the small brush head to wash the entire face. After a few times of getting used to it, I dared to use areas with silicone fibers to clean on the sides of the nose, and chin.

After about 3 months of use, I feel that acne is hidden, blackheads are reduced very easily. I combine it with BHA and retinol so my skin looks healthy and bright.

This face wash machine when used has 8 different vibration modes. I usually use the default vibration level of the device. You can test the vibration to choose the right level for your skin.

Besides, I also saved some comments from some of you in the Facebook group, you can refer to the image below to get more information.

Review of Foreo Luna Mini 2 facial cleanser

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In addition, the Foreo Luna Mini 2 face wash has a massage function to prevent aging and help blood circulation better. Our daughters are often not afraid of anything, just afraid of getting old. So I think with this function, the product is completely worth the price.

V. How to distinguish Foreo Luna Mini 2 face wash machine fake and genuine?

How to distinguish Foreo Luna Mini 2 fake and real. To be able to do this, you need to note a few small suggestions below.

About the price: I see that a lot of you buy products with a price of more than 200,000 VND and then go to the group to ask if this is a genuine product?. In fact, the genuine product listed on the brand’s website is 139 USD (about 3,197,000 VND). Therefore, you need to be wary of places that sell too cheaply.

About the product’s packaging: If it is genuine, there will be a stamp and code of the product. In addition, genuine products will open the box at the back of the box, very thin and come with a small stamp. Counterfeit goods, the opening of the box is designed in the middle and does not have a team attached.

About the word of the brand: With genuine products, the words Foreo will be written lightly, the same color as gray. Counterfeit goods often have black letters and bold letters.

Distinguish genuine and fake Foreo Luna Mini 2 face wash machine

When checking stamps: With real goods, when checking stamps, there are names, barcodes and information of the product. For fake goods, when you check, you only see the name and barcode.

About quality: When you touch the fake silicone fibers with your hands, it will give you a soft, comfortable feeling. And fake goods are rough and hard.

BECAUSE. How much does Foreo Luna Mini 2 face wash cost?

This product is being listed on the Foreo website for $139. You can click on the link below to see the detailed price.

VII. How to use the Luna Mini 2 facial cleanser

To use the Luna Mini 2 face wash is also quite simple. All you have to do is follow the suggestions below:

Step 1: First of all, you need to remove makeup with a makeup remover. Then, you take an appropriate amount of facial cleanser on the silicone pad of the machine.

Step 2: You press the device to use and proceed to massage for about 15 seconds on the face. From cheeks, chin and forehead. After 60 seconds, the machine will signal that the washing process is finished.

Step 3: After 60 seconds, you can still use the device. You can also use it to clean your neck. After about 3 minutes, the Foreo Mini 2 facial cleanser will automatically turn off.

Step 4: Wash your face with clean water and use toner as well as the next skin care steps.

Note: You should not use facial cleansers with beads. Because these particles can break those silicone fiber ends.

VIII. How to clean and maintain the Foreo Luna Mini 2 face wash?

According to the brand, Foreo Luna Mini 2 has good antibacterial ability. However, to be able to keep the machine clean, long and safe, you should still wash the machine thoroughly after use and should not be left in the bathroom.

If you have your own cosmetic cabinet in the bathroom, that’s okay. However, for those of you who just keep it on a small shelf, I don’t think it should. Because in the bathroom there are often many bacteria that we can’t see with our naked eyes, anyway, it’s better to be careful, right?

You can use warm, soapy water to clean the machine and let it dry and then use it next time. Do not use alcohol- or acetone-based cleaners to clean the device. Because if your skin is already sensitive, they can make your skin irritated and red.

So in this article, I have reviewed in detail about the Foreo Mini 2 face wash machine. Indeed, when I first bought it, it felt a bit “painful” but after using them and feeling it for a while. This is a product that I really like. As for you, if you have other feelings about them, please share them with me and everyone to know.

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