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Top 10 Loại sữa cho trẻ sơ sinh tốt nhất ⋆

Currently on the market there are countless types of milk for babies from birth to under 1 year old. This is an extremely important period for the baby’s long-term healthy development. But to choose the right type of milk for your baby is extremely important for mothers to keep in mind. When buying breast milk, consider the form and composition of milk such as protein and other nutrients. Ideally, mothers should choose the type of milk that best suits their baby as well as their financial condition.

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Below TopReview will review Top 10 best infant formula for babies under 1 year old to make it easier for mothers to make decisions for their children.

1. Nestle Nan Pro 1 milk powder

Nan Pro 1 is infant formula manufactured from 0 to 6 months old. Provides adequate fatty acids, vitamins, minerals necessary for outstanding growth. In particular, Omega 3, Omega 6 fatty acids are very necessary nutrients for the development and formation of the brain and retina of the eyes in young children to help optimally develop intelligence and vision for the baby.

Vitamins and minerals, though only a small amount, play a huge role in the functioning of the body. Supplementing with vitamins and minerals is essential to keep your baby healthy and active. In addition, Nan Pro 1 supplement DHA, AA ratio 1:1 is an important ingredient to help children develop brain, ability to absorb quickly and develop vision.

  • Advantage: Cool, anti-constipation for babies very well.
  • Weakness: Less protein than other milks.
Nestle Nan Pro 1 milk powder - Top 10 best infant formula for babies under 1 year old
Nestle Nan Pro 1 milk powder – Top 10 best infant formula for babies under 1 year old

Nan Pro 1 milk powder price:

2. Dutch Lady’s Frisolac Gold 1 Milk

Frisolac Gold 1 milk is produced according to the LockNutri process to ensure microbiological safety and maintain the natural nutritional minerals of milk proteins, so it is easy to digest, absorb and not cause constipation for the baby. With the optimal combination of Synbiotics (Probiotics BB-12 & L.casei 431 & Prebiotics GOS & FOS) to help support the digestive system. Nutrients Nucleotides, Taurine, Cholin, AA, DHA, SA … DHA are necessary for the development of the complete vision function of the eyes, the perfect development of the nervous system. Choline is a very important nutrient in supplementing brain development. Helps synthesize acetylcholine and important neurotransmitters related to memory and later learning ability.

  • Advantage: Cool, easy to digest.
  • Weakness: When mixed, it has more foam and is sweeter than other milks.
Dutch Lady's Frisolac Gold 1 Milk
Dutch Lady’s Frisolac Gold 1 Milk

Frisolac Gold 1 milk price:

3. Abbott’s Similac Neosure IQ 1 Milk

Abbott Similac Neosure IQ 1 is infant formula for low birth weight, premature babies, from 0 to 12 months old. Contains all the necessary nutrients for comprehensive growth. To be able to catch up with staged development like full-term babies. Scientifically designed to help baby’s brain development, resistance and comprehensive growth, the product is very comfortable for the baby’s stomach, minimizing the possibility of constipation and defecation in children.

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Similac Neosure IQ 1 supports the baby’s visual and brain development. The composition of milk contains the IQ system of nutrients, a special blend of nutrients, similar to those found in breast milk, including LCPUFAs (DHA & AA), Omega 3 and 6, Choline, Taurine, and Iron. . Scientists have demonstrated that LCPUFA always significantly improves visual and brain development in premature and preterm infants when given continuously for 12 months.

  • Advantage: Good brain development, easy to absorb
  • Weakness: Prices are quite high and unstable
Abbott Similac Neosure IQ 1 Milk
Abbott Similac Neosure IQ 1 Milk

Abbott Similac Neosure IQ 1 Milk Price:

  • Abbott Similac Neosure IQ Milk 1 box 370g (for children from 0-12 months): Price 239,000 VND

4. Dielac Optimum Step 1 of Vinamilk

Dielac Optimum Step 1 is made for babies from birth to 6 months old. Contains Opti-Digest formula and provides a rich amount of Whey protein to help babies increase digestion and absorption of nutrients. The product also supports the development of the immune system, maximum height growth. And helping children gain weight regularly makes an important contribution to the comprehensive development of children. Colostrum Colostrum with essential vitamins such as vitamins A, C, D along with minerals such as zinc, calcium, magnesium … Helps babies strengthen immunity as well as fight intestinal infections for children.

Soluble fiber FOS and beneficial bacteria Probiotic ensure gut bacteria. Increase the number of beneficial bacteria and inhibit the harmful bacteria. And increase absorption, protect and clean the intestinal tract, anti-diarrhea. In addition, it also provides DHA, ARA, and Taurine and Choline, which are compounds that support the development of the brain and retina in young children to help enhance intelligence and healthy bright eyes.

  • Advantage: Reasonable and affordable prices.
  • Weakness: Too sweet, sometimes mixed milk less than the recipe on the box but still taste sweeter than other types of milk.
Dielac Optimum Step 1 of Vinamilk
Dielac Optimum Step 1 of Vinamilk

Price of Dielac Optimum Milk Step 1:

5. Wakodo, Meiji milk powder from Japan

Meiji milk and Japanese Wakodo milk are two famous milk brands in the world, both of which are considered to be very good milk lines for the comprehensive development of children and are loved by many mothers for their babies. Both types of milk are not hot, help children prevent constipation well, have suitable milk formulas, take breast milk as the base to pursue milk formula.

With balanced nutritional content, both types of milk give the baby a balanced growth and both types of milk also comply with Japan’s strict nutritional regulations, with the highest quality ingredients. With the most modern production process, the quality of milk meets international standards, ensuring food safety and nutrition for infants and children.

  • Advantage: Babies who drink Japanese milk increase their height and strength. Japanese milk is very good for height development.
  • Defect: often very expensive and the baby gains weight slowly.
Meiji Japanese milk powder - Top 10 best milk for babies under 1 year old
Meiji Japanese milk powder -Top 10 best milk for babies under 1 year old

Meiji Milk Price :

6. US Similac Advance NON GMO Milk

Similac milk is a line of formula milk for babies from 0 to 12 months old. Similac OptiGRO Supplement is a proprietary blend of DHA, Lutein and Vitamin E along with key ingredients found in breast milk with benefits: DHA for brain and eye development, Lutein to support eye health Vitamin E is an important nutrient found in breast milk to support cell growth. Supplementing with natural antibodies, immune-boosting IgG and containing DHA and ARA, are ingredients that help children develop brains and eyes in the first years of life.

In addition, supplemented milk (Early Shield) helps promote brain and eye development, increases resistance, strengthens bones and prevents constipation, and supplements nucleotides with the same amount and ratio as the whole body. nucleotides (TPANTM) in breast milk. TPANTM will help increase the level of antibodies in the baby’s immune response. In Similac Advance contains 100% vegetable oil blend, does not contain palm oil, helps better absorption of calcium and supports good motor development of the baby.

  • Advantage: High protein content.
  • Defect: Easy to cause constipation, the most expensive of all milk.
US Similac Advance NON GMO Milk
US Similac Advance NON GMO Milk

Price of Similac Milk:

7. Aptamil British and German milk

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Aptamil milk is the most popular in the UK because Aptamil is a cool, fast-digesting, flavorful milk that is easy for babies to digest and is closest to breast milk than other milks. Aptamil milk contains GOS/FOS which is a special type of carbon radical that stimulates the production of beneficial bacteria for the digestive system, LCP- Milupan – enhances the content of Omega 3 and Omega 6 (DHA and AA). Along with 13 types of vitamins in Aptamil milk, it will help children develop comprehensively and high calcium content will prevent rickets and height development, magnesium content is appropriate and stable for the digestive system. , prevent children from having indigestion causing constipation.

  • Advantage: Focus on brain development and cool, good for baby’s digestive system.
  • Defect: Less weight gain.
Aptamil British and German milk
sua-Milk Aptamil UK and Germany

Aptamil Milk Price :

8. Danish Milex Milk

Milex 1 and 2 milk is specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of children from 0 to 1 year old. Milk formula Milex 1 and 2 contain all the necessary nutrients for the optimal growth and development of your baby’s body and mind. Nucleotides are essential for the maturation of the immune system. Prebiotics help promote the health of the intestinal flora, which is very important for health and resistance to disease.

There are two types of protein in milk (casein and whey). Milex 1 and 2 milk formulas have the optimal ratio of whey and casein proteins, helping to enhance digestion and absorption for babies. DHA and ARA are also essential nutrients that help strengthen a child’s immune system and are important factors for the baby’s brain and vision development.

  • Advantage: Milk composition is balanced, the content is not too high.
  • Defect: When mixed correctly, it looks like a thin milk, with a pleasant taste.
Denmark's Milex Milk
Denmark’s Milex Milk

Danish Milex Milk Price:

9. Australian S-26 Milk Powder

S26 baby milk is a product from Australia with a natural sweetness similar to breast milk, containing many nutrients to help supplement nutrition and vitamins for babies. S26 Milk contains Wyeth Biofactors to help give your baby the best start through advanced protein blends and unique combinations of nutrients. Increase alpha – lactalbumin (alpha -protein) decrease – lactoglobulin to provide a unique balance of protein, fortified with Omega 3: support to help brain and eye development.

There are Nucleotides to help strengthen the immune system for children to help them stay healthy. Milk also contains a lot of minerals that are beneficial for the baby’s development, helping to build strong bones, bright eyes, and brain development. Essential vitamins are also added in milk such as: Vitamins C, E, B6, B1, B2, Choline Chloride, Inositol, Natural Carotenes, Folic Acid, Vitamin K, Biotin, Vitamin B12.

  • Advantage: Help your baby gain weight well.
  • Defect: Too sweet so the baby can’t drink much each time.
Australian S-26 milk powder
Australian S-26 milk powder

Price of Australian S-26 Milk Powder:

  • S26 Milk No. 1 Gold Newborn 900g box (for children from 0-6 months): Price 525,000 VND

10. French Physiolac Milk

Physiolac milk has long been known to consumers as a cool milk product line, very good for children’s digestive system. Not only promoting that value, Physiolac milk with a new improved formula with Advance – Pro nutrients system will help children develop intellectually in a remarkable way. Advance Pro nutritional system includes 3 ingredients: AL/ALA = 10 fat system, clinically proven to help maximize fat absorption, Taurine – Choline and minerals, Taurine – Choline is concentrated in the brain, hamstrings helps the baby to develop brain and eyes normally.

The mineral system with the balanced ratio of Fe, Zn, I… helps children develop outstanding intelligence. Among them, first and foremost, are the precursors of DHA, AA, which are fatty acids LA and ALA, which have been clinically proven to enhance brain and vision development in infants and children. small. Other ingredients include Taurine and a balanced mineral system that will help children develop intellectually.

  • Advantage: There are many types for mothers to choose from such as: anti-regurgitation, anti-diarrheal milk.
  • Defect: When mixed with water more than 40 degrees Celsius, milk often curdles. On the surface of the milk, there will be a floating fat scum. When washing the cup, if you wash it by hand, it will feel greasy and slippery like grease.
French Physiolac milk - Top 10 best milk for babies under 1 year old
French Physiolac milk – Top 10 best milk for babies under 1 year old

Price of French Physiolac Milk:

  • Physiolac Relais Milk No. 1 box of 900g (for children from 0 to 6 months): Price 445,000 VND

Above, TopReview has shared with you useful information in choosing milk for “baby” under 1 year old. Hope this article will be helpful for you.

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