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TOP 15 hãng son nổi tiếng nhất hiện nay

Lipstick has long been an indispensable product when going out, dating, meeting women’s partners. You may not dress fancy, but lipstick is a must. However, not all lipsticks are good or beautiful, so it is difficult for people to find true love. In particular, not everyone clearly understands what is famous lipstick brands. Therefore, in this article Natural Beauty Blog will introduce and review in detail to you the top 15 most famous lipstick brands today, to help you make the right choice. Let’s experience the bright colors right at the bottom of the article.

I. The most appreciated lipstick brands today

1.1. 3CE

Lipstick line 3CE blue 3CE brand once made a splash on social networking sites and until now is still the most popular lipstick brand. Born in Korea by fashion house STYLENANDA. One of the giants of the cosmetics industry, right from the moment it was put up for sale, 3CE lipstick has continuously set records, bringing its name to the world, including Vietnam.

Not only has a beautiful design, which is both simple and aristocratic, but the lipstick is also very soft, easy to spread, especially long-lasting. With an extremely diverse and rich color palette, 3CE is fully capable of becoming the national lipstick that everyone in the family wants to own.

1.2. Black Rouge

Not to be outdone by 3CE, during the years of debut, lipstick Black Rouge always stand on a par with the seniors, together dominating the Asian market. If 3CE is said to be a symbol of elegance and charm, Black Rouge exudes a youthful and bright look. Because of that, she is often more popular with young people.

Black Rouge lipstick brand belongs to the cheap segment

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In addition, the product is also released in each version to keep up with the trend, this unique idea is considered one of the reasons why Black Rouge became so famous today. In terms of price, this lipstick is much cheaper than 3CE, the capacity is also large to use quite economically, suitable for students, students and those with difficult economic conditions.

1.3. Merzy

The third name in the list of famous cheap lipstick brands in this article is Merzy. An emerging lipstick brand of the land of kimchi. Although it only debuted in 2017, it has directly knocked down many other big names thanks to the tremendous purchase. The lipstick collections of this brand are mostly sold in Southeast Asian countries and used by many celebrities. Another advantage is that this girl has an extremely luxurious, mesmerising design, the way to choose the main color is very subtle, so it is easy to leave a deep impression in the hearts of users.

1.4. Innisfree

Although not a popular national lipstick line like the above products, Innisfree is also very popular with Korean and Vietnamese women. About the lipstick packaging is made of rough plastic material, the color is uniform, in general, it is not too prominent compared to other seniors. But don’t rush to judge this girl just looking at her appearance, Innisfree lipstick is a combination of cream and tint, which is both easy to spread and long to dry. Moreover, the fruity scent of the product is also very pleasant, not too strong and black, it is worth using. The price of Innisfree is in the popular form, slightly higher than Black Rouge and Merzy, ranging from 220,000-340,000.

1.5. Dior

Especially, when it comes to famous lipstick brands, we cannot ignore Dior. Just hearing the name is enough to shock you because of the brand’s popularity, right? Known as the most luxurious fashion brand, most of the products sold are for the upper class, and of course this lipstick line is no exception when its price is up to 1,000,000.

Dior high quality lipstick brand

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But in return is a classy design, exuding luxury with beautiful lipstick, high color fastness, can be kept all day. It also does not cause dryness or darkening of the lips during use, but also has the ability to lightly nourish the lips. In fact, to be honest, this price is only in the middle class, but not so much that you can’t buy it, you can save a little bit to be able to own this product.

1.6. Loreal

As one of the popular brands with a foothold in the cosmetics industry, since its launch, the Loreal lipstick line has been trusted by many women to buy, and most of them have left positive reviews. Son Loreal became even more famous after it was evaluated by experts that the product contains very little lead, which is safe for long-term use. The minus point of the product is that the color palette and designs are not as diverse as other brands, if you don’t like to change colors often, you can consider using it.

1.7. YSL

Never disappointed fans, YSL- a brand with soft and smooth lip gloss, does not cause dry lips but still ensures good adhesion, beautiful color and especially is not outdated. With a shimmering metal cover, the product design brings a novelty and luxury, showing the temperament of the owner. In particular, YSL has a lot of lipstick lines, satisfying for women to choose from. Talking about the price, this one is nineteen with Dior, suitable for use when the weather starts to dry out.

1.8. MAC

Not as luxurious and expensive as Dior or YSL lipsticks, but in terms of popularity MAC lipstick not inferior to the two seniors above. One of the reasons for the success of this product is the super matte lipstick thanks to the ingredients Dimethicone, Isoeicosane, the ability to stick to the color for up to eight hours, the color is no problem, up to the standard as advertised, so everyone be assured.

MAC famous lipstick brand trusted by many people

In addition, the amount of lead in MAC lipstick is only about 0.00000024g per 3g weight, less than the average lead content in water that we usually use every day, a surprising number, isn’t it.

1.9. Chanel

Referring to Chanel, one of the most popular French fashion houses in the world built by Lady Gabrielle Chanel, one cannot forget the classic lipstick collection launched in 2006 of this brand. Chanel lipstick is considered smooth, matte and creamy, but when used on the lips, it feels smooth, has a lot of nutrients, so it does not dry the lips, the ability to cover defects such as dark lips, deep lip very good. The product design is mostly simple and easy to see, the brand name is engraved on the lipstick, so it exudes a glossy and classy aura. Those of you who are followers of Chanel will definitely not be able to leave this lipstick in your makeup closet.

1.10. Maybelline

Maybelline is certainly no stranger to makeup enthusiasts, because the products of this house are mostly selling well in the market, the most prominent of which is the lipstick collection. Maybelline lipstick has an advantage that the price is cheap from only 150,000 but the quality is much better than many other brands. With a hot trend color palette, not outdated, the product has been attracting a lot of purchases on social networking sites. However, if you intend to use it, you should choose a reputable seller to avoid buying fake goods, because on the market today, it is faked a lot.

1.11. Shu

Appearing on the market for a long time, so far the popularity of this line of lipsticks from the country of cherry blossoms has never shown any sign of cooling down. When it comes to Shu lipstick, it must be said with a special design, with a lipstick shell made of hard plastic, mainly painted silver. The manufacturer is also very psychological when making lipstick shells with clear plastic, so that buyers can clearly see the color inside to choose the most satisfactory way. What is more remarkable, this Japanese lipstick does not contain lead, most of the ingredients come from nature, in addition to beautiful color, it also has anti-dark lips, succulent lip balm. In terms of color adhesion, the product is compared with a half-pounder with MAC lipstick. The level of perfection is almost absolute, so what are people wondering if they don’t immediately bring one to the closet.

1.12. Lemonade

This is a lipstick from a Vietnamese brand founded by makeup artist Quach Anh. Although the product has just been launched, the product has not been popular with consumers and has not had an impressive number of purchases. But in recent years, Lemonade lipstick has had a spectacular makeover as well as affirmed its position at home and abroad thanks to its outstanding quality, skin-toned color, easy to use, very suitable for those of you. I only wear lipstick when I go out. The lipstick is mainly tint, with a bit of shine to create a feeling of fullness, so the grip is quite appreciated. The price of this girl is just over 200,000, much cheaper than other famous lipstick brands.

1.13. Lancome

If you are a fan of French cosmetics, you will definitely know Lancome lipstick – a lipstick that is inspired by fragrant rose buds. It is for this reason that the lipstick color palette of the brand is quite special, mainly in favor of pink and cold tones, in order to enhance the noble and calm temperament of the owner. Thanks to ultra-light pigment technology, Lancome lipstick is very standard and smooth, has the ability to hack super full lips.

1.14. Hermes

The fashion company is known for its expensive crocodile skin bags, as luxurious as Chanel or Dior. Recently, this brand decided to engage in cosmetics and launched a lipstick collection called Rouge Hermès. With the influence of the father, right from the time it appeared on the market, this lipstick line has been sought after by everyone every hour and every minute.

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Hermes high price lipstick brand

This set has 24 colors, of which 14 are satin and the remaining 10 are matte lipsticks, allowing women to freely choose according to their lip condition. And of course quality often goes hand in hand with cost, when each ingot Hermes lipstick cost up to more than 1,000,000. But compared to the rest of the brand’s trendy items, this is still cheap.

1.15. Givenchy

The last famous lipstick brand in today’s article is Givenchy that we often see actors, beauty queens use. The brand has a lipstick collection that is impressed by the design of a jet black leather case with a metal rim, the logo is meticulously printed in the middle of the lipstick, showing the passion of their creator. The creamy lipstick helps to quickly apply to the lips and stick for a long time. Even if you eat to your heart’s content, the lipstick still retains its original color. So if you often have to go out to eat with your partner to discuss work, you can’t miss this girl!

II. Some notes when choosing lipstick

It is best to choose famous lipstick brands, which are used by many people and leave positive reviews, but don’t be foolish to spend tens of thousands of dollars buying fake lipstick online, lest you lose your money. Until then, don’t ask why your lips look less sharp and dark so quickly. Remember, the cheaper it is, the more likely it is to contain lead. It is better to invest in beautiful lips than spend tens of millions to restore it.

In addition, today’s market appears a lot of fake lipsticks, but the trick is also very sophisticated, it is difficult for the naked eye to recognize. One of the ways to check the authenticity of a product is by scent and barcode check. Usually, fake lipstick will have a slightly pungent smell, which cannot be 100% similar to real lipstick. If you buy it, you should choose a reputable cosmetic store or shopee mall to ensure that the lipstick is genuine.

The third is about lipstick color, based on your skin tone to choose the right lipstick color for your face. If your skin is white and pink, you should choose lipstick in earthy pink, earthy orange, red-brown, dusty red, nude… But if your skin is a bit dark, then brown, plum, wine, etc.

So, reviewed the top 15 most famous lipstick brands today as well as showed everyone some tips when choosing lipstick. Hope you guys can choose a lipstick you really like. If you found the above article useful, let us know by liking, sharing or leaving a comment below.

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