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Top 8 Máy lọc nước công nghiệp tốt, công nghệ lọc mới nhất hiện nay

With the current water pollution, equipping a water purifier is the top priority. In which with units such as factories, enterprises, companies …. Choosing a small capacity filter or for the family will not be able to meet the needs. So the solution now is the line industrial water purifier with powerful and fast capacity, providing the safest source of clean water.

What is an industrial water purifier?


Industrial water purifier is actually a line of high-capacity water purification equipment, specialized for use in the field of industrial production. Accordingly, the average capacity equipped for this line of water purifiers usually ranges from 50 to 100,000 liters per hour. Some models even have a maximum filtration system that can filter more water than the above number.

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Talking about the ability to treat dirty water, this industrial device has a high performance that is not inferior to a water purifier for home use. The product even removes a large amount of impurities, chemicals and heavy metals remaining inside the water source, using super efficiency.

Criteria for choosing the most suitable and accurate industrial water purifier

To be sure to buy one industrial water purifier quality, suitable for needs, please pay attention to some criteria as follows:

Certification of clean water source

You should pay attention to the water quality standard QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT being applied by reputable brands. This is the national technical regulation for natural mineral water, used for direct drinking purposes.

Filter technology

For industrial water purifier RO filtration technology is being widely used and appreciated. Because it is capable of filtering all water sources as well as ensuring the purest output water source. Removes up to 99.9% of impurities in water if the water source is seriously contaminated.



Depending on the needs of use, you choose the device with the appropriate capacity. Specifically, with a capacity of 100 – 900 L/h, the small capacity water purifier is suitable for small and medium businesses. The capacity of 3000L/h or more is a large capacity, used for industrial parks, export processing zones….


Because the demand for clean water is increasing, there are more and more brands of consulting and installing industrial water purifiers. You can choose to buy equipment from brands like Karofi, Kangaroo, Ohido… to ensure quality.

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Top 8 good industrial water purifiers, using the latest filtration technology

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If you are in need of buying a industrial water purifier good with modern technology. Please refer to the following top 8 famous and popular industrial filter models to make the right decision.

1. The leading industrial water purifier LS03U – AO Smith

The LS03U – AO Smith water purifier has a design that is easy to install and operate at the production site. Customers can proceed to adjust the operating mode for the device easily without much effort. This AO Smith smart water purifier is also integrated with many other modern features such as automatic control, automatic return and self-cleaning of the filter after a period of use.


Especially, industrial water purifier LS03U – AO Smith Also integrated with Ion exchange technology to help soften the water optimally. The device then helps to filter out all bacteria, viruses, molds, sediments or heavy metals to the maximum. Along with the ultra-clean filtered water, industrial chains or electrical equipment using this water source are also optimally extended their lifespan. You can use the device for many years without any major repairs.

Reference price: 245,000,000 VND

2. Popular Makano MKW-C30250 industrial water purifier

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Makano industrial water purifier MKW-C30250 is known as a product of Makano brand from Vietnam. This device model uses an RO membrane with microfiltration technology imported from the US. The filtered water source with Makano MKW-C30250 will be suitable for many uses, can cook, drink directly or other activities.


Makano MKW-C30250 has a high-class RO membrane combined with 0.0001 micrometer micro filter slot technology. Ensure that the finished product meets the standards for direct drinking as well as for bottling for use. The diverse capacity works to treat right from the source to help remove chemical components, heavy metals as well as help soften the water, ensuring a cleaner water source. In addition, the device is also provided with free periodic maintenance instructions, and the maintenance cost is lower than the listed price.

Reference price: 139,000,000 VND

3. Kangaroo KG889 . upstream industrial water purifier

This UF Kangaroo KG889 upstream water purifier has extremely high filtration efficiency, suitable for input water in Vietnam. Since then, electrical appliances and household appliances will have a longer life because the water is removed from pollutants, oxidizing agents and causing rust, scale… UF Kangaroo KG889 water purifier is used Used to serve domestic water needs for families and groups thanks to a high filtration capacity of 1500 liters/hour, filtered directly without a convenient container.


Besides, UF Kangaroo KG889 has a smart design with a filter system consisting of 3 filter columns and 2 filter elements to effectively remove impurities and harmful substances. For the pH balance effect to ensure the quality of the output water, so it is safe for the health of the user. Kangaroo KG889 UF water purifier also has the ability to remove metals (Calcium, magnesium, iron …) and toxic chemicals (arsenic, fluorine …) thanks to Korean Mitsubishi Cation particles and UDM 2F. In addition, the Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane made in Korea also offers high performance and good service life.

Reference price: 150,000,000 VND

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4. High efficiency Karofi 1000L/H industrial water purifier

Karofi 1000L/H industrial water purifier comes from Karofi brand originating from the US. Thiets has a large capacity, can filter 1000 liters / hour with the US RO membrane. The machine system has up to 7 filtration levels allowing to create the cleanest and purest water source. Suitable for establishments producing filtered water or bottled water to serve people’s daily life or small and medium industrial zones. The filter capacity of the device is large, which can satisfy 1000 users or more as well as for food processing.


Especially, Karofi 1000L/HY It is also used in hospitals because of its strength in water sterilization. In addition, the system automatically cuts off the power when the water tank is full, and automatically turns on when the amount of water is lower than the specified level, the protection circuit will pump the upstream water area with the phenomenon of weakness or dehydration.

Reference price: 121,000,000 VND

5. Durable 1000l/h Kensi Industrial RO System

This 1000l/h Kensi industrial RO system is capable of effectively treating well water or groundwater, filtering organic compounds, removing odors and strange colors in the water. At the same time, it also helps to remove metals such as Fe, Mn, As … optimally, from which contaminants in groundwater, well water will be best guaranteed. Supplying water for domestic use and meeting water quality standards according to regulations.


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Kensi 1000l/h is also an industrial water purifier with strong capacity, making the operation stable. More specifically, the 1000l/h Kensi industrial RO system is highly appreciated, suitable for all usage needs. For pure water production, bottled water production, smart buildings, family villas….

Reference price: 155,000,000 VND

6. Popular Kangaroo KG400 industrial water purifier

Kangaroo KG400 industrial water purifier is known as a famous equipment line of Kangaroo brand originating from China. Filtration capacity of Kangaroo KG400 is 65 liters / hour thanks to the filter system including 3 20-inch coarse filters, 4 RO filters, 1 Nano Silver filter. Thereby killing bacteria, removing impurities, algae and toxic heavy metals and especially saving electricity.


The device is capable of filtering all water sources from water with high hardness, water contaminated with alum, water with heavy metals …. The device is also applied with Nano silver technology, which is a modern bactericidal technology only found in Kangaroo water purifiers. Allows automatic water purification and discharge, in addition, the machine has an intelligent system that automatically alerts when there is a shortage of water and automatically stops when it is full.

Reference price: 21,000,000 VND

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7. Watio industrial water purifier 1000l/h UPVC pipe

Tiki sale 15-01

Watio 1000l/h industrial RO water purifier with UPVC pipe is a product of Thien Truong Trading Co., Ltd., created on a line of purified bottled water, bottled, bottled, factory… Water purifier WATIO 1000l/h This works on the principle of reverse osmosis to remove harmful impurities such as copper, lead, iron, manganese, nitrate, bacteria, viruses, etc.


The RO reverse osmosis device is also the most important part, deciding the quality of the water produced. On the other hand, Watio 1000l/h UPVC pipe also has the feature of automatically turning off the power when the tank is full, automatically filtering if water is in the tank, automatically pushing water from the tank to the faucet…. The device also uses pressure gauges, water flow meters, from which harmful substances are less likely to accumulate on the filter cores and are discharged to protect the system.

Reference price: 175,000,000 VND

8. Karofi industrial water purifier with capacity 150l/h recommended

Karofi capacity 150l/h is industrial water purifier currently the best rated of the Karofi brand. This filter device is exported according to a technological process in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 certification. Ensuring the water source after filtration will bring safety to users.


‘s RO filtration system Karofi capacity 150l/h ensure pure clean water, used directly to serve essential needs. Moreover, the intelligent filter system allows the removal of dirt and toxic metals. The large filtration capacity of 1300l/h is suitable for the production of bottled water, suitable for filtering water in public places, crowded places such as hospitals, factories, industrial parks, export processing zones, offices. big…

Reference price: 53,000,000 VND

Industrial water purifier is the perfect choice for units, enterprises, companies…. many members as well as need a large amount of clean water. So hopefully with the above article you will make a decision to buy the right industrial water purifier, suitable for your needs and financial ability!

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